Q&A with an Islamophobe (eBook version)

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Cut, paste, smear & repeat false narratives on Muslims need to end:

Containing responses to over 200 Q&As against ordinary Muslims and Islam, this book aims to counter the most vile, widely debunked and yet variedly repeated Islamophobic comments by renowned Islamophobes, anti-Muslim groups, talk-show hosts, right-wing politicians, atheists as well as individuals with Muslim names who commit acts of violence in the name of Islam, in an easy-to-reference Q&A format, so that a confident and articulate generation can emerge rather than fumble every time the camera is pointed towards them.


Preface ix
Acknowledgement xiii
Q&A with an Islamophobe xix
Common Non-Muslim Viewpoint 1
Defining Islamophobia 3
“Reformed” or Ex-Muslims 13
Muhammad (PBUH) & Islamophobes then 17
Most terrorists are Muslims…. 22
Counter-terrorism policies fuelling Islamophobia 46
Muslims Support ISIS 54
Head-chopping & suicide bombings among Muslims 62
“Islamic” violence over the last 50-100 years 66
Muslims want to kill all non-Muslims 71
Anti-immigrant citizens of the West 80
Q&A with a Radicalised “Muslim” 91
Q&A with an Atheist 95
Condemn or be damned 103
Charlie Hebdo. Muslims & Freedom of Speech 110
Lighten up, Muslims 118
The Media 126
Muslim-majority countries remain backwards 137
Anti-feminism within Islam 139
Islam on Homosexuality 153
Blasphemy in Islam 158
Apostasy in Islam 161
China, India & Burma: Islamophobia’s Next Frontier 165
Middle East’s”Kumidia Alaktha (Comedy of Errors) 179
The Sunni-Shia Debacle 190
Minorities in Muslim-majority countries 194
Most misunderstood by Muslims 196
Blaming the “Mullahs” 199
Plea to every single ordinary Muslim worldwide 202
Fighting Islamophobia: Sample strategies 211
Global brand building for Muslims and Islam 218
Conclusion 223
Can a book change the world? 241
Epilogue 243


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