Q&A with an Islamophobe

Cut, paste, smear & repeat false narratives on Muslims need to end:

Containing concise responses to over 200 Q&As against ordinary Muslims and Islam, this book aims to counter the most vile, widely debunked and yet variedly repeated Islamophobic comments by renowned Islamophobes, anti-Muslim groups, talk-show hosts, right-wing politicians, atheists…………………….as well as individuals with Muslim names who commit acts of violence in the name of Islam, in an easy-to-reference Q&A format, so that a confident and articulate generation can emerge rather than fumble every time the camera is pointed towards them.


“This is a timely book that approaches some of the key questions facing Islam and Muslims in an honest and forthright manner” Murtaza Hussain, Journalist and Writer for Buzzfeed and Contributor for New York Times, The Guardian and Al Jazeera English

“Instead of the usual evasive and convoluted responses from Muslim “leaders”, an ordinary Muslim has taken it upon himself to address much of the misinformation about Islam in a no-nonsense manner and tone.”Ani Zonnevald, President, Muslim for Progressive Values

“Siddiq Bazarwala went above and beyond to illustrate the manufacturing of Islamophobia without falling into the victimisation trap. In times of sweeping populism, we need more of this work to demystify the presence of Muslims as minorities in predominantly non-Muslim countries and to deconstruct the myth of the “domestic Muslim enemy.” Yasser Louati, Human Rights and Civil Liberties Activist, Author of the 2016 Report on Islamophobia in France


“Rather impressive. It is my fervent hope that this author will not only be widely read but that the sentiments of peace with the world, self development, and personal evolution be the guiding light for all.” Ken S

“Its a book every bookshelf must have. As for Islamophobes, this book is an axe that cuts through their ignorance. This is my honest review of your marvellous work. May Allah increase you in goodness.” MA Jamal

“I am so thankful that I made the order. Its a fortune of information that we need the most nowadays. Looking forward to more from you. Your efforts are highly appreciated.” Alma



Please click here to download a few intro pages along with two sample chapters from the book. This will give you an overview of the way rest of the book is structured.

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NET PROCEEDS from this book goes to Ordinary Muslim Productions, setup to pro-actively debunk misinformation against Islam and Muslims.